[Dovecot] Dove LDA vs Exim LDA

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Mon Dec 2 19:48:42 EET 2013

** Kumar Shantanu <shantanu at techblue.co.uk> [2013-12-02 15:58]:
> I have built up my email server with exim + dovecot +
> clamv/spamassasin. I am using exim as LDA(local delivery agent). I
> was reading about using dovecot as LDA but I couldn't find why
> should I use it?
> Now, I am looking expert advice on "Why should I use dovecot LDA" ?
> Is there any benefit in terms of functionality or performance ?
> Any advice/suggestion/feedbacks welcome.
** end quote [Kumar Shantanu]

The main reason I switched was so that I could move from procmail to seive,
which is much nicer to configure. As an aside it also fixed an annoyance I had
where, with my virtual domain/user setup, a directory was created for each
email address that had mail sent to it (which resulted in a collection of
directories for random junk spam addresses). At the time I hadn't investigated
a fix, and the upgrade to Dovecot 2, with Dovecot as the LDA managing the
virtual users fixed this as a side issue :)

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