[Dovecot] Dove LDA vs Exim LDA

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Mon Dec 2 22:02:57 EET 2013

** WJCarpenter <bill-dovecot at carpenter.org> [2013-12-02 18:04]:
> >The main reason I switched was so that I could move from procmail
> >to seive,
> I am curious if you investigated Exim's sieve script support. Was
> there some problem you saw with it, or you just didn't look into it?
** end quote [WJCarpenter]

Good question, and it is a while ago so I can't completely remember. I think it
may well have come down to documentation, there seems to be more easy to use
stuff out there for the Dovecot implementation (even with Exim). There's tons
of in detail stuff on Exim (I know I host a mirror), but it can be a little too
in depth sometimes!

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