[Dovecot] backup mdbox best strategy

claus claus.r at bayern-mail.de
Mon Dec 9 10:33:30 EET 2013

Am 2013-12-02 18:47, schrieb Claus:
> Hello,
> i have to backup (tape library) a mailsystem with about 300.000
> Mailboxes on 2 backends. Summary of all mailboxes are 2 TByte.
> The mailstore is mdbox.
> Is it save to do a simple filesystem backup (full and incremental)
> with backupsoftware?
> What is the prefered strategy to do a backup for desaster recovery
> (mailsystem crash) and restoring single usermailboxes?
> Regards,
> Claus

Regardless of the discussion about maildir and mdbox (many thanks to 
all) i hope Timo could give an statement and valueable suggestion to me 
how to backup a mdbox based mailsystem.



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