[Dovecot] Use Replication plugin to do a backup (one-direction sync)

Francesco Barresi francescobarresi at apg23.org
Mon Dec 9 12:26:32 EET 2013



I have a setup where I need to have Server A (dovecot 2.1.7) replicated
on a Server B (dovecot 2.1.7). I know that I can do a per user backup

doveadm -D backup -u %u remote:mailmirror at serverB 

I would like to use Notify/Replication to backup only when there's
something new. I don't understad if the Replication plugin can be used
to do a backup server, or it's only of for two-way sync? 

My question is: It's possible to use Replication to do a backup
(one-direction sync)? 



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