[Dovecot] Question regarding quotas (is this a bug or intended behavior) ?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Dec 9 16:20:50 EET 2013

On 9.12.2013, at 16.14, Gilles Chauvin <gilles.chauvin at univ-rouen.fr> wrote:

> That's better, thanks. Although there is still a problem.
> If now I just drag n' drop the "TEST" mailbox to the Trash, the log says
> "Mailbox renamed: TEST -> Trash/TEST"
> But...
> This is only taken into account if I issue a "quota recalc" command.
> If this is not easy to fix for you, I guess I'll have to recalc the
> quotas in a cron job!

Oh. Hmm. Yeah, this isn’t very easy to fix. Also it only affects the “ignore” quota, which is quite a special case. A lot of installations are rather just assigning larger quota limit to the Trash folder(s) so the user is able to then finish their deletion. For that use case the RENAME isn’t a problem..

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