[Dovecot] Problem with INDEXes and deleting shared folders

Achim Gottinger achim at ag-web.biz
Tue Dec 10 13:09:34 EET 2013


I use dovecot 2.1.7 on debian wheezy. I have a bunch of shared folders 
whom i configured to store the indexe's under the users 
I configured acl's for those shared folders in an way that all users 
should be able to add and delete folders (for example "group=buchhaltung 
Creating folders works fine but if i try to delete such an folder i get 
the following error.

Dec 10 12:03:41 logon-zor dovecot: imap(ag): Debug: Can't rename 
'shared/buchhaltung/Test' to 'Trash/Test': one namespace has index dir 
and another doesn't

Of course there is no dovecot.index file in 
/home/vmail/buchhaltung/mai/.Test but there is one in 
/home/ag/vmail/mail/shared/buchhaltung/.Test and in 
Seems dovecot does not honour the shared namespaces index settings when 
trying to rename that folder.

Is there an fix for this issue in 2.1.7 or would upgrade to 2.2.5 (from 
debian unstable) help?

Thanks in advance
Achim Gottinger

Here are my namespace mail_location etc. settings:

mail_home = /home/vmail/%u
mail_location = 
mail_uid = 998
mail_gid = 998

first_valid_uid = 998
first_valid_gid = 998

mail_shared_explicit_inbox = yes
maildir_very_dirty_syncs = yes

namespace {
   list = children
   location = 
   prefix = shared/%%u/
   separator = /
   subscriptions = no
   type = shared

namespace {
   inbox = yes
   location = 
   prefix =
   separator = /
   type = private

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