[Dovecot] Dovecot as caching proxy

Anton Lundin glance at acc.umu.se
Thu Dec 12 12:26:19 EET 2013


I'm bin playing around with dovecot to try to setup it as a caching
imap proxy.

I manged to get dovecot to use both proxy=y and imapc: connections to
the master server, but i haven't manged to get dovecot to cache any

The remote imap server is a quite hostile one, that i don't have any
super/master user access to, and it only exposes imap.

I've used tried both with the static passdb, nopassword=y, and imap 
authdb and with static and prefetch userdbs.
I manage to produce the same results, eg. dovecot grabbing the password
from the client and uses it to establish a imapc connection to the
server and re-exposing it, and starts to write indexes.

( The later plan is probably to use pam as passdb to grab a and store a
hashed copy of the password to allow offline access to the cached
emails, but thats a later problem to solve.)

What i haven't managed to get working is to trigger some replication of
the remote emails to dovecot and using that as a cache to serve the
emails to the client.

I found some presentations and some emails that point in the direction
that this should be possible to achieve, probably with the replication
plugin, but never managed to get this to work.

I'm using dovecot 2.2.9

Does anyone have manged to produce a working setup like this?


Anton Lundin	+46702-161604

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