[Dovecot] letters local filter duplicated

Vijay Rajah me at rvijay.me
Wed Dec 18 22:23:55 EET 2013

On 16/12/13 1:10 PM, John Smith wrote:
> two servers with replicated master/master.
> with this setup letters processed local filter duplicated.
> ​ie when the mail client receives a letter begins processing using rules
> (filters) to move the letters in a different folder.
> summarized in this folder is two duplicate letters.​
> if you disable the filter, the message is not duplicated. But does not move
> to another location.
> both servers are configured identically, except "mail_replica =
> tcp:ip_server2:4092"
I have the same issue with thunderbird, in a master-master setup. If I 
use sieve, the message does not get duplicated. Hence, it might be an 
issue with thunderbird.

I'm not really sure, the root cause of the issue. I would be interested 
in knowing the solution as well.

FYI: I'm on dovecot 2.2.6 and I'm using DSYNC based replication (over ssh)


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