[Dovecot] Does quota-status respect quota_grace?

Jiri Bourek bourek at thinline.cz
Thu Dec 19 11:33:18 EET 2013

Robert Schetterer wrote:
> Am 19.12.2013 09:54, schrieb Jiri Bourek:
>> quota2_grace = 18%%
>>    quota_grace = 18%%
> i am not sure ,you can have two quota2_grace rules, that should be a
> universal parameter

Documentation doesn't mention anything about multiple quota_grace rules 
explicitly (or I missed it), but from what I've tried, it works. For 
example if I comment out the quota_grace, default 10% is used for one 
quota while the other stays 18%

 From the debug log with quota_grace removed:
Debug: Quota grace: root=Domain quota bytes=104857600 (10%)
Debug: Quota grace: root=Mailbox quota bytes=2076180 (18%)

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