[Dovecot] Eliminate legacy INBOX namespace - how?

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Sat Dec 21 17:49:07 EET 2013

Hi all,

Our mailstore was converted from a Courier-IMAP system last year, but I 
am planning a migration to a shiny new VM, and would really like to 
clean things up and do away with the legacy INBOX namespace.

My goal is to simplify IMAP client setup - no special 'INBOX' namespace 
needed, they just enter the server info and credentials.

Also important because I will be rolling out SOGo, which has a nice web 
interface, and I want the mailstore to be as close to default dovecot 
settings as possible - although I do plan on converting from maildir to 
mdbox when I do the conversion

I also don't want other folders to show up as subfolders of the Inbox in 
IMAP clients, they should all show up on the same level as the Inbox.

I've read http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Migration/Courier, but I don't see 
anything about how to eliminate this stupid legacy INBOX. namespace, so 
that new IMAP clients won't show all folders as subfolders of the INBOX 
unless/until they add the INBOX namespace prefix in the advanced settings.

I've also been reading http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Namespaces, but I'm 
still confused as to how to go about this.

Currently I have:

namespace inbox {
   inbox = yes
   location =
   mailbox Drafts {
     special_use = \Drafts
   mailbox Junk {
     special_use = \Junk
   mailbox Sent {
     special_use = \Sent
   mailbox "Sent Messages" {
     special_use = \Sent
   mailbox Trash {
     special_use = \Trash
   prefix = INBOX.
   separator = .

The wiki recommends avoiding the 'alternative' of having two different 
namespaces, so I don't want to do that.

Also - it would be ok if existing clients had temporary issues 
displaying folders properly until the INBOX prefix was removed (I would 
give everyone plenty of advance warning).

Anyone ever done this before? Any suggestions Timo?

Note: I am planning a migration to a new mail server (VM), so could make 
any filesystem layout changes when I do this if necessary.



Best regards,


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