[Dovecot] [dovecot-2.2.5] Duplicates in mdbox

Angel Luis Mateo Martinez amateo at um.es
Mon Dec 23 09:41:21 EET 2013


radek <radekburza at tlen.pl> escribió:

> Hi
> I have strange situation with one of mailboxes in mdbox format. Some  
> messages are duplicated, not all. I am sure that is not sieve or  
> another mail client issue, because access is via roundcube without  
> sieve plugin.
> In maillog I have not found any suspicious information about this  
> problem and i can see that from postfix do dovecot-lda was piped  
> only one copy of message.
   I have a similar problem, but not the same (if this could give you a clue).

   In my case I think that is fault of the email client (thunderbird).  
I have some users with a lot of emails in some folders. These emails  
are received from web applications that send a lot of of them. In my  
case, the user receives them in his inbox folder and with a filter in  
his client they are moved to another folder. This is where I think  
that duplication are done (since one user move the filter from his  
client to a sieve script in the server, there are no more duplications )
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