[Dovecot] Sieve Addon in thunderbird is not showing Vacation in action list

Anant anant.saraswat at techblue.co.uk
Mon Dec 23 17:39:12 EET 2013

Hello guys,

I am using "dovecot-2.2-pigeonhole-0.4.2" ( Sieve 
<http://www.sieve.info/> Support for Dovecot <http://www.dovecot.org/>  
) , Now I can set Vacation mail using Roundcube and it is working fine. 
now i want to set Vacation/outofoffice mail from thunderbird 24.0 , I 
have installed pluginsieve-0.2.3d.xpi 
for thunderbird from 
"https://github.com/thsmi/sieve/tree/master/nightly" But I am not able 
to set vacation as it is not giving me an option with reply option.

*Even if i will create a vacation mail in Roundcube , my thunderbird 
plugin was unable to understand that filter. getting an error
//Error while parsing script.//
  } expected but found:
vacation :subject "not available" "not here";


and my source code for sieve filter is look like

///require ["vacation"];//
//# rule:[vacation]//
//if true//
//    vacation :subject "not available" "not here";//

*I am only able to Enable one filter at a time in thunderbird.

And I am not sure it is the right place to post that stuff.. So please 
guide me as well if I am wrong.

Anant Saraswat

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