[Dovecot] Sieve is not getting the propper RCPT from the LMTP daemon

klondike klondike at klondike.es
Wed Dec 25 10:47:44 EET 2013

El 24/12/13 14:15, klondike escribió:
> Hi!
> Since the setup I use is a bit strange let's go for it first:
> * The system uses postfix as MTA and dovecot as LDA after alias
> translation by local via LMTP
> * The dovecot version is 2.2.5 and the pigeonhole version is 0.4.1
Tried also today with 2.2.6 and 0.4.2 with the same results

BTW Timo, thanks for the verbose error messages, LMTP refused to work
until postmaster_address wasn't set (despite the config still states it
will go back to a default) and the logs clearly pointed that :-)


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