[Dovecot] dsync-local crashes due to assertion failures

Fabian Groffen grobian at gentoo.org
Mon Dec 30 13:34:22 EET 2013

On 08-12-2013 16:26:15 +0100, Fabian Groffen wrote:
> I have two servers that share nothing, running dovecot version 2.2.9.
> The first server hosts the original mail base, which I want to sync
> using dovecot to the second server.  With some trial and error I managed
> to get synchronisation running using tcp sockets.  Now for some accounts
> I see dsync-local crashing on the server that has the original mail base
> (which is still the only of the two that receives new mail).  The log
> shows:
> Dec  8 03:13:14 zeus dovecot: dsync-local(someuser): Panic: file mail-index-tr
> ansaction-export.c: line 203 (log_append_ext_hdr_update): assertion failed: (u32
> .offset + u32.size <= ext_hdr_size)

Turns out I didn't remove all index files.  After I did (dovecot.index +
dovecot.list.index) the assertion has gone away.  Interesting side-note:
after removal of the indices, some of my mailboxes showed new emails
from long ago, that I hadn't seen previously.
Now, from the first look and sizes, synchronisation seems to have
succeeded after a night.

Fabian Groffen
Gentoo on a different level
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