[Dovecot] namespace delivery question

Laszlo Kiraly l.kiraly at madalbal.hu
Mon Jul 1 14:03:57 EEST 2013

Thank you everyone for your help, it works.

I have now one more question:

If I send mail to: info at domain.com , cc: l.kiraly at domain.com, I get two emails
to info at domain.com, because of sieve_before executes this script for all the

 How can I persuade dovecot to deliver the mail all the
adresses (to, cc, bcc)?

Thanks again,
László Király

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Sent: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 16:38:21 +0200
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> Add the :create flag to your SIEVE rule in order to automatically 
> create mailboxes if nonexistent.
> require "fileinto";
> if address :is ["To","CC"] "info at domain.com"
> {
>         fileinto :create "public/info";
> }
> Regards
> Daniel
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