[Dovecot] Transparent Migration from cyrus to dovecot

Jogi Hofmüller jogi at mur.at
Tue Oct 8 10:14:28 EEST 2013

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the encouragement!

Am 2013-10-06 22:56, schrieb Ed W:
> Make use of the proxy feature.  You can add a "server" entry into your
> userdb, that way you can literally move users over one by one and flip
> their server location.  You can easily test individual users and move
> them over individually.

One question still remains in my head.  The migration/dsync page [1]
states that 'The source IMAP/POP3 mailboxes shouldn't be modified while
dsync is running. Also "dsync backup" means that if the destination has
any changes that don't exist in source IMAP server, the changes are
deleted.'  So how does the setup behave *while* I migrate a user's mail?

I figured that I would start with a proxy entry for every user.  Then
disabling proxy for the first mailbox and start migrating it.  So new
mail would be delivered to the newly created dovecot mailbox while all
the mail from the old server would start appearing.  From the quote
above I take it that new mail *could* disappear.

OK, this is all still theory since I have not done any tests.  However,
the more I know beforehand, the better the process will work, I hope ;)

[1]  http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Migration/Dsync


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