[Dovecot] Question to sieve symlink

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Sun Oct 20 18:26:28 EEST 2013

On 10/19/2013 1:55 AM, Andreas Meyer wrote:
> Hello!
> A Server running openSUSE 12.3 and dovecot version 2.1.13.
> In the log I find
> Oct 19 00:23:23 managesieve(anmeyer at anup.de): Warning: sieve-storage: Active sieve script symlink /var/spool/vhosts/anup.de/anmeyer/.dovecot.sieve is broken: invalid/unknown path to storage (points to /var/spool/vhosts/anup.de/anmeyer/.sieve/managesieve.sieve).
> But the link is ok and when I login to roundcube I can manage the filters.
> What's the problem?

What is your configuration (output from dovecot -n) ?



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