[Dovecot] Replication (Mac OS X)

Rusty Ross consultant at rustyross.com
Fri Oct 25 05:55:34 EEST 2013


I am taking a stab at setting up dovecot replication between two OS X Mavericks servers. (The dovecot version in Mavericks is 2.2.5.)

The first question I have is in regards to userdb.

The user accounts are Open Directory based. The output of:

doveadm user ‘*'

…yields only:

# doveadm user ‘*'

However, specific user accounts can be looked up explicitly, ie:

# doveadm user 'mary'
field	value
uid	214
gid	6
mail	maildir:/Library/Server/Mail/Data/mail/10C94BF9-5CC4-4DDB-B0F0-5D23F22B2D9F
quota	maildir:User quota:noenforcing
quota_rule	*:storage=0
mail_location	maildir:/Library/Server/Mail/Data/mail/10C94BF9-5CC4-4DDB-B0F0-5D23F22B2D9F
sieve	/Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/10C94BF9-5CC4-4DDB-B0F0-5D23F22B2D9F/dovecot.sieve
sieve_dir	/Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/10C94BF9-5CC4-4DDB-B0F0-5D23F22B2D9F
sieve_storage	/Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/10C94BF9-5CC4-4DDB-B0F0-5D23F22B2D9F

According to http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Replication, user listing via “doveadm user ‘*’” is required for replication. Any thoughts about how I can get that working (or work around it) in this environment?


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