[Dovecot] What's the parameter -w for dovecot-auth: dovecot -w

Darren Pilgrim list_dovecot at bluerosetech.com
Mon Jan 6 15:05:15 EET 2014

On 1/6/2014 2:02 AM, ldaamandy wrote:
> thank you Darren Pilgrim      and  what should I do to not let
> dovecot -w start?  i  want to keep one dovecot-auth . Is it set in
> the dovecot.conf ?

You can't make it not start--it's necessary for certain authentication 
databases.  Even if you could, why are you worrying about this?  If you 
really don't want it, you'll need to switch to a different 
authentication database.  I'm pretty sure PostgreSQL doesn't require an 
authentication worker, but can't verify that as I no longer use Dovecot 1.x.

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