[Dovecot] forwarded message is broken in 2.2.10 with pigeonhole-0.4.2

Burckhard Schmidt bschmidt at cms.hu-berlin.de
Wed Jan 15 14:19:37 EET 2014

Am 15.01.2014 13:15, schrieb Axel Luttgens:
> Le 15 janv. 2014 à 10:17, Burckhard Schmidt a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> forwarding a message with sieve like
>> redirect:copy "me at other.domain";
>> was working without any problem until dovecot-2.1.17, dovecots lmtp and dovecot-2.1-pigeonhole-0.3.5.
>> Using dovecot-2.2.10 , dovecots lmtp and dovecot-2.2-pigeonhole-0.4.2 the structure of a forwarded message is broken. Content of a message is not displayed or an attachment (for instance pdf) can not be opened by (different) clients. Writing a html mail or plain one makes no different.
>> I have compared two messages and the main different is a missing
>> Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
>> boundary="...."
>> to encapsulate the body of the forwarded message. Was it lost in sieve?
> Hello Burckhard,
> Just to be sure.
> Above excerpt and your two sample messages invariably show "boundary=" items starting at the beginning of a new line.
> Is this really the case?
> Axel
Sorry, I lost the leading space by cut/paste.

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