[Dovecot] Architecture for large Dovecot cluster

Javier de Miguel Rodríguez javierdemiguel-ext at us.es
Fri Jan 24 14:24:50 EET 2014


Great mail, Stan 

Another trick: you can save storage (both space & iops) using mdox and
compression. CPU power is far cheaper than iops , the less data you
read/write, the fewer iops. 

You can use gzip,bzip2 or even LZMA/xz compression for LDA. If you also
use Single Instace Storage and Alternate (cheap) storage for old mail,
you can save a lot of money in storage. Also consider using mdbox + ssd
for indexes (hp storevirtual VSA+ a couple of ESXi with ssd disks will
give you real-time replicated ssd iscsi lun for indexes)

Just my 2 cents.




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