Mailboxes are in Maildir format. Any good backup tips? Had success with version control?

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at
Tue Jul 1 12:51:42 UTC 2014

Em 01/07/14 09:06, Jiri Bourek escreveu:
>>      And on a worst case scenario, where i would need to restore the
>> whole server and mailboxes, things will already be screwed, so knowing
>> that dovecot would be harder on I/O for rebuilding the indexes will be
>> just another problem :)
> That really depends, rebuilding indexes can increase your downtime for 
> hours, so it may be better to pay a bit for extra storage space 
> instead of not being paid at all by your customers.

     Anyway, for those not running a that critical system and can afford 
for an extra half hour of slowness, i really think the tip worths. And 
for those who, by any reason, cannot afford that extra storage space as 

     But you're right, it's all a matter of calculating how critical 
your mission is and take the correct decisions for it.


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