number of users

Jonathan Tripathy jonnyt at
Wed Jul 2 14:24:50 UTC 2014

On 2014-07-02 15:16, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 02.07.2014 16:10, schrieb Jonathan Tripathy:
>> On 2014-07-02 15:04, Reindl Harald wrote:
>>> Am 02.07.2014 16:01, schrieb ihab:
>>>> i using roundcube with dovecot, i have a question if there is 
>>>> possible to
>>>> know the number of users that  using the mail system (in other 
>>>> word  the
>>>> online users)
>>> no - how do you imagine that?
>>> * roundcube is a web-application
>>> * HTTP is stateless
>>> * so there are no permanent connections
>> It is possible as Roundcube does have its own session management, 
>> which you could maybe hook into
> first: why do you respond off-list?
> second:
> any of such magic is outside of dovecots scope
> and from security point of view you don't want user-login-sessions
> dealing with other users session infos and any smart session-backend
> is doing what it can to prevent from such a breach

first: I did respond on list as well as directly to you.

second: There is nothing wrong with expanding roundcube to print a list 
of online based users. This may be just as easy as printing a certain 
database table of active sessions. Yes, there are security concerns but 
of course these need to be dealt with properly.

third: Yes, it's outside Dovecot's scope, hence the Roundcube 

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