Bug/feature: mail fs pollution on IMAP select namespace/{non-existent}

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Jul 3 18:02:05 UTC 2014

On 24.6.2014, at 16.04, Peter Benko <pbopbo at freemail.hu> wrote:

> I have noticed a strange behavior with dovecot (tested with 2.2.13). I use shared folders to share mailboxes between users. I have a namespace called "Accounts" that hosts the shared folder for the users (prefix Accounts/%%n/). However, When I issue an IMAP select command on a random non-existent mailbox name under "Accounts", dovecot auto-creates it and pollutes my mail root directory:
> mail_location = mdbox:~
> namespace {
>  list = children
>  location = mdbox:/mail/mailboxes/%%d/%%n:INDEX=/mail/mailboxes/%%d/%%n:INDEXPVT=/mail/mailboxes/%d/%n/indexpvt-accounts/%%n

location = mdbox:%%h:INDEXPVT=/mail/mailboxes/%d/%n/indexpvt-accounts/%%n

This forces Dovecot to do a userdb lookup for the user to get the home dir, which should fail if the user doesn't exist.

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