rmdir() EBUSY warnings on 2.2.12

Giel van Schijndel giel+dovecot at mortis.eu
Thu Jul 3 22:30:47 UTC 2014


I'm getting a lot of syslog spam on FreeBSD 10 from
nfs_flush_file_handle_cache_dir where, apparently it tries to rmdir()
the mountpoint of my mail storage.

> Jul  4 00:04:44 mailhost dovecot: imap(user at example.com): Error: nfs_flush_file_handle_cache_dir: rmdir(/var/mail/vhosts/example.com) failed: Device busy

We're using ZFS and have /var, /var/mail, /var/mail/vhosts,
/var/mail/vhosts/example.com and /var/mail/vhosts/example.com/user as
separate ZFS datasets (to enable per-user and per-domain snapshotting).

So apart from NFS flushing being unnecessary (ZFS != NFS) I'm not really
sure why using rmdir() for another directory than the Maildir specified
in mail_location is a good idea. I.e. given that Maildirs shouldn't ever
be emtpy (cur,new,tmp) anyway.

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