number of users

Andreas Tauscher ta at
Sat Jul 5 05:28:13 UTC 2014

> No, this will not do it. Any user coming from an HTTP connection will
> appear very briefly on the Dovecot server and is unlikely to appear
> on the "doveadm who" list. This is a result of the HTTP 
> connectionless protocol, nothing to do with Dovecot (ie
> connects-carries a brief data 
> transmission/commands-disconnects-connects again after a
> predetermined time). The connection time is very brief, even though
> you can probably catch a few if you insist on typing doveadm who.

If like from Nick Edwards suggested a imapproxy is used it will.
imapproxy is keeping the connection open.
doveadm who will give you a list of all actual logged in users.
Without imapproxy you are right: Every page reload will cause a login
and a logoff. I get some webmail users by "accident".
To get an overview how many users used roudcube within a period check
the database table users/last_login.


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