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Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at
Mon Jul 7 12:28:29 UTC 2014

Em 03/07/14 14:31, Timo Sirainen escreveu:
> On 25.6.2014, at 18.45, Leonardo Rodrigues <leolistas at> wrote:
>>     I have dovecot running for IMAP4/POP3 and also local delivery through LMTP. It's working just fine, absolutely no problem on that, setup is fine.
>>     Anyway, sometimes LMTP seems to not be able to deliver some messages and keep them on postfixqueue. And on the next or third try, the message gets delivered successfully. The logged message, however, is not helping me identify what is happening.Example:
>> (error - message was expunged)
>> Jun 25 11:49:39 correio postfix/lmtp[21835]: ADB0A1AC05108: to=<vanilson.parreira at>,[private/dovecot-lmtp], conn_use=6, delay=13, delays=0.07/0/0/13, dsn=4.2.0, status=deferred (host[private/dovecot-lmtp] said: 451 4.2.0 <vanilson.parreira at> Message was expunged (received-date) (in reply to end of DATA command))
> I guess the only good fix for this is to just get rid of this deduplication feature for now:
> Hopefully people don't rely on this feature too much.


     Is it expected deliveries through LMTP to get slower with this 
patch ? I mean ... despite i was seeing the 'message was expunged' some 
few times a day, after applying the patch they really dissapear, but my 
deliveries starts to apparently get slower. I dont have real numbers to 
prove that, i can only guanratee that my queues are starting to grow up 
a lot with to-be-local-delivered messages.

     I experienced that last week after running the patched version for 
some hours. Reverted to plain 2.2.13 and queues were successfully 
emptied after some minutes. This weekend i installed the 2.2.13 patched 
one again and, by this morning, queues are growing again.

     I really do not understand dovecot internals and, sincerily, dont 
even know if i'm using some feature that depends on deduplication. Fact 
is that i'm running a pretty busy server and those 'message was 
expunged' situations werent a real problem. When it happened, message 
would be on the queue and probably delivered some minutes later, on the 
1st or 2nd queue run after that. But if removing this deduplication 
tests/feature will slow down that much the deliveries, i'm afraid that, 
overall, the non-patched version is better to me.


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