Multiple email clients not in sync

Marc Perkel marc at
Wed Jul 9 18:27:33 UTC 2014

On 7/9/2014 9:49 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 09.07.2014 17:23, schrieb Marc Perkel:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I'm not sure if this is an issue with dovecot or my various email clients, or my settings.
>> I'm running 2.2.13 and I have Thunderbird on my desktop and K at mail on my android phone. In theory if I delete email
>> on one it should delete it on the other. It does delete it on the server - but the other client isn't always
>> "aware" of it. Same thing sometimes with read messages. I read on one device but the other didn't know it's read
>> unless I shut down and restart the app.
>> Not knowing the details of how this all works I'm assuming there is some form of notification that goes on in the
>> background so as to let other clients know what other clients do so they can sync up. And that where my setup isn't
>> working consistently.
>> Maybe my expectations are just too high? Maybe I don't have things set up correctly?
>> What am I missing? Thanks in advance
> * do you have imap idle enabled on the server
> * do you have imap idle enabled on all clients
> * if both is yes - in case of subfolders: make sure enough connections are allowed
> * thunderbird AFAIK needs some tweek to watch all folders for notifications
>    too lazy to dig in my configs
> however "imap idle" and your software on each end should be a good start for Google

Thanks for your help. How do I turn on idle on the server?

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