Flags in public folders disappear when more than 25 flags are used

Thomas Herrmann THerrmann at ADwin.de
Thu Jul 10 09:54:42 UTC 2014

On 08.07.2014 17:01, Thomas Herrmann wrote:
> Now I am a little closer to the problem. I discovered that the
> dovecot-keywords file is out of sync with what doveadm reports. Is that
> a problem? 

To continue my monologue, this does not seem to be a problem. The
numbering in the dovecot-keywords is different from the ones reported by
doveadm in almost all of my folders.

Now that I am using 2.2.13, I have observed this:

- The flags that are present in the dovecot-keywords are synced between
all clients.
- The flags that are not in the dovecot-keywords files are not synced
between clients, they are in fact per-user keywords (I use per-user seen
flags for the public folders). When I set the keywords, I see changes in
the dovecot.index.* files located at "/home/vmail/adwin.de/%n/public",
while that information should be stored at "/home/vmail/public".

Maybe this happens because I am using 2.2.* with INDEX instead of
INDEXPVT, so now my question is, how do I upgrade from INDEX to INDEXPVT
without losing information? Will dovecot convert the old files
automatically? I did not find anything about that at

Thomas Herrmann

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