1.2.4 disk full errors

Iain Hallam iain.hallam at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Jul 11 14:10:10 UTC 2014


A user on a rather old mail system we have filled their disk space,
and Dovecot has started to give lots of errors in the logs about
"Expunged message reappeared" and "Duplicate file entry". The user can
only see a few new messages, not the 33,551 in their inbox.

In the TODO file in the current source code[1], Timo notes that (line 147):

maildir: out-of-disk-space failures apparently cause all kinds of
problems, e.g. "Expunged message reappeared", "Duplicate file entry"?

[1] http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-2.2/file/c55c660d6e9d/TODO

Does anyone know what's happening with Dovecot here and how to recover
so that this user can see mail again?

Unforuntately we're on a very old version, 1.2.4. Though there is a
plan for migrating to a newer platform, I need to get this user
accessing email again rather more urgently.


Iain Hallam.

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