Changed IMAP MOVE behavior in Dovecot 2.2.x

Robert Schetterer rs at
Mon Jul 14 20:23:02 UTC 2014

Am 14.07.2014 22:05, schrieb Iavor Stoev:
> Hello,
> After the migration to Dovecot 2.2.13 from Dovecot 2.1.17,
> I noticed a changed behavior when I move a message from one folder to
> another. I use Thunderbird with: Account Settings -> Server Settings ->
> When I delete a message: Just mark it as deleted.
> I use Thunderbird 24.6.0 with IMAP.
> With Dovecot 2.1.x when I move a message, the message appears in the new
> folder and is marked for deletion in the original folder (which gives me
> an easy option to undo the action if I made a mistake until I choose to
> Compact/Purge the folder).
> With Dovecot 2.2.x when I move the a message it is marked for deletion
> and is AUTO Compacted/Purged immediately.
> Is there a way to achieve the 2.1.x behavior with Dovecot 2.2.x?
> Thank you
> Iavor

i am not sure dovecot version has big impact, show logs and configs

please read

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