Fatal: master: service(imap): child 20258 killed with signal 6 (core not dumped - set service imap { drop_priv_before_exec=yes })

Maciej Uhlig maciej.uhlig at us.edu.pl
Tue Jul 15 05:55:27 UTC 2014

Just a remark: this issue (Panic: file buffer.c: line 307
(buffer_set_used_size): assertion failed: (used_size <= buf->alloc)) was
reported by me on 2014-01-11 on 2.2.10, it still occurs on 2.2.13.
Indeed, we also switched from sparc server to x86. We also removed all
the dovecot indexes. We use maildir only. However, the issue persists
and I can observe this panic almost every day.



CJ Keist - 2014-07-15 06:22:
> Yes,
>    I did switch from sparc server to x86.  I also removed all the dovecot.indexes and .imap folders.  I will try 2.2 again tomorrow with the process limits specified for imap, pop, and auth.  
> My concern is with auto detection of user accounts using mbox or Maildir formats.  Is it still the case to support mix mbox and Maildir by commenting out the mail_location lines?
>> On Jul 14, 2014, at 4:50 PM, Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> wrote:
>> Did you actually switch from sparc to x86 CPU in the server? If yes, then looks like the code to handle the switching could use some fixing.
>> But in any case you can just delete the .imap/ directories and have the indexes be rebuilt.
>>> On 14.7.2014, at 21.10, CJ Keist <cj.keist at colostate.edu> wrote:
>>> Jul 10 00:20:00 mail2 dovecot: [ID 583609 mail.crit] imap(tjs): Panic: file buffer.c: line 307 (buffer_set_used_size): assertion failed: (used_size <= buf->alloc)

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