fts solr database size

Lazy lazy404 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 21:05:50 UTC 2014

2014-07-15 13:05 GMT+02:00 Ricardo Branco <ricardo at wenn.com>:
> We are no way as big as you but in terms users but our user vs mailbox size
> is large.
> Dovecot:
> 50 users
> 425Gb (mdbox + zlib)
> Note solr only indexes folders within a mailbox when a search is done on
> them so size can vary and most people dont realise that the default type of
> search in Thunderbird is on Sender/Recipients/Subject which happens localy
> and not on the server so you dont get solr indexing unless the user does a
> custom search and forces remote. Webmail systems though will  tend to do
> server searches.
> Solr:
> Num Docs: 17m
> Size: 4.5GB

Thank You for the data, I also have noticed that most of the fat
clients do their own search,
so fts whould be limited mostly to webmail users.


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