Defer email via LMTP when there is 'no space left on device' instead of rejecting it

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Tue Jul 22 15:31:14 UTC 2014

Am 22.07.2014 17:11, schrieb Christian Rohmann:
> In consequence this means the configuration option quota_full_tempfail
> is applied in both cases. But to me there is a major difference between
> a full disk (a.k.a "admin fucked up") and over-quota (a.k.a. "user has
> simply too much stuff in his mailbox"). So I would like to be able tell
> Dovecot to reject messages due to full mailboxes, but simply defer those
> that cannot be stored due to a full disk (which I am to blame for).
> To me this should result in two separate configuration options for the
> two problem root-causes:
>  quota_full_tempfail
>  storage_full_tempfail
> Or did I simply miss or completely misunderstood anything here?

no - in case of quota full i can take a phone and call the
RCPT, he can make free space due the phone call and say
"try it again please"

in case of disk full *this is* a permanent error likely not
correctable by the user given that after delete a message a
different one get a new and the disk is full again

that sort of mistakes happens one per decade and hardly
need special handling - if that happens your user quotas
are wrongly configured because the idea behind them is
to prevent "disk full"

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