ACLs on Top level mailboxes.

Dan Carroll fbsd at
Wed Jul 23 22:22:04 UTC 2014


I’m in the process of migrating a mail server to new hardware.   At the same time, I’ve made the decision to switch from courier to dovecot (v2.2.13) and from what I have seen so far I’m pretty happy.
I have two questions for the list.

I’d like my users mailboxes (Maildir format) to look like this:


The Top level folders (Sent, Drafts etc) are all “Special” and I do not wish the users to be able to delete them.
I also don’t want them to create new Top level folders.

This will force all custom folders to be under a Top Level folder.

The Maildir format currently looks like this:



I can get ACLs working with dovecot-acl files, and the permission I need (I think is) “owner lrwstipe”.

But if I put it into the ~/Maildir directory, then it applies to Inbox.
I’ve tried creating an .INBOX dir and putting it in there but that did not work.
I also tried some global-acl file settings but I could not make that work either.

Basically, I’m wondering how to apply ACLs to the Top level and have different ACLs for the actual inbox when using this scheme.
I’m not opposed to changing the Maildir format, but that would mean a lot of work re-doing proemial scripts.

My second question relates to migration.    Is it enough that I copy the Maildir structure and simply delete the courier files or is it a lot better to use a courier->dovecot migration tool?
I realise folder subscriptions would be lost but that’s OK, I’ll recreate them manually anyway.

Thanks for your time.


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