Sieve plugin (fc17 + sendmail + roundcube)

Franck CALLEJA fc193 at
Thu Jul 24 13:55:14 UTC 2014


I'm confused, this is effectively not a correct mail address, the "servfc" keyword shouldn't be in the address   : 

(recipient=<fcalleja at>,

But, I can't find anywhere in dovecot, sendmail, roundcube or client mail where this could be misconfigured (I searched 'localhost' in all confs to see if it was specified elsewhere than in a "host" like parameter without success.

This name is effectively precised in /etc/hosts file.


>> Jul
>> 03 16:27:45 lda(fcalleja): Info: sieve:
>> msgid=<FFA106958F926641804B2465A9966453065D54 at>:
>> discarding vacation response for implicitly delivered message; no known
>> (envelope) recipient address found in message headers
>> (recipient=<fcalleja at>, and no
>> additional `:addresses' are specified)


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