Multiple servers and NFS

Richard Hector richard at
Fri Jul 25 00:25:49 UTC 2014

On 25/07/14 09:12, Richard Hector wrote:
> Rather than trying to draw increasingly complex diagrams in ASCII, I've
> put some here (without the LVS layer):

I've come up with a revised plan - I think we can do without LVS; SMTP 
should just work with multiple MX records, and IMAP/POP should be fine 
as well with RRDNS - the machines should be up most of the time, and if 
a customer has to click to reconnect every now and then on the rare 
occasions when they're not it's not a huge deal. Otherwise, we could 
also do load balancing on our routers.

Anyway - any comments on the sanity of this diagram most welcome :-)


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