Multiple servers and NFS

Robert Schetterer rs at
Mon Jul 28 11:26:02 UTC 2014

Am 28.07.2014 um 13:09 schrieb Nick Edwards:
> On 7/26/14, Robert Schetterer <rs at> wrote:
>> Am 25.07.2014 um 16:12 schrieb Eduardo Ramos:
>>> I did not understand what the advantage of use dovecot LMTP with
>>> director too.
>> in "very short" words...
>> with nfs ,the director should avoid concurrent events
>> which may happen with lmtp too, depending to multiple server setup
> A few of us run large NFS based systems without director, however
> mostly 99% pop3, not using director on imap has little impact either
> from our tests, remember, director is only a couple years at most old,
> people have been doing NFS mailstorage for decades, and with relation
> to dovecot, ten years or so, the sky never collapsed back then, it
> hasnt now either thus far :->
> using director was considered in risk assessment as its another point
> of failure, and weighed against its claimed benefit, the decision was
> made its not justified.
> note: we dont use lmtp, each mx mounts/stores directly to EMC storgage
> with dovecot-lda, 14 front ends = 14 direct storages, sure, means
> dovecot needs to be installed on each mx (but not listening), but it
> eliminates the need for dedicated back ends to send to, each mx is
> that backend.
> 12 pop3 servers, of note however, we use index:memory on pop3 and smtp's
> mail_location = maildir:/mail/%1n/%1.1n/%2.1n/%n/Maildir:INDEX=MEMORY
> only 3 imaps one of which is webmail, and of course we do not use
> index:memory on them, these are behind real (serveriron's) load
> balancers, so if using pretend load balancers :-> YMMV

That looks fine
but now whats the problem ?
For sure there are many ways to goal. do what you like.
I also have no director setup using cluster file systems with
loadbalancers working fine.

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