LMTP during dsync migration

Jiri Bourek bourek at thinline.cz
Tue Jul 29 14:13:11 UTC 2014

On 29.7.2014 15:48, Jogi Hofmüller wrote:
> Hi all,
> Another question regarding migration.  While migrating a mailbox with
> dsync is it safe to deliver mail via LMTP to the new (target) mailbox or
> is it wiser to deactivate LMTP delivery to this mailbox until it's fully
> migrated?
> And what methods could I use to stop delivery to a mailbox during
> migration?  Our user data is stored on an LDAP server.
> Cheers,

Considering you're planning to use doveadm backup, you can't deliver 
into the new mailbox. From dsync man page:

backup - Backup mails from default mail location to location2 (or vice 
versa, if -R parameter is given). No changes are ever done to the source 
location. Any changes done in destination are discarded.

Unless I misunderstood something, this means that if you deliver 
messages to the new mailbox, next run of doveadm backup will remove them.

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