[Dovecot] Not backing up cache files

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at solutti.com.br
Wed Mar 26 17:58:42 UTC 2014

     i'm not the expert you're looking for, so dont take my word as one. 
And i'm basically using Maildir instead of mdbox ...

     Anyway, i have dropped 'dovecot.index*' from some backups, full and 
incremental ones, action which made me save some Gbs of space on them. I 
already restored some accounts from these backups and had absolutely no 
problem at all !

Em 26/03/14 05:05, Jesus Cea escreveu:
> I am using mdbox for dovecot storage.
> I wonder if I could skip "dovecot.index.cache" files and, in general,
> "*.cache" files when doing mail backup. Those files are big and change
> frequently. What I feel from reading documentation [1][2] is that they
> could be dropped in the backups, to be recreated on the fly if needed.
> But I would like expert confirmation.


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