Move mail behavior

Martin Stigge martin at
Mon Nov 24 15:12:49 UTC 2014


I've recently migrated my IMAP mail setup from a server running an older
Debian Squeeze with dovecot 1.2.15 to a new Debian Jessie system with
dovecot 2.2.13. In the old setup, it used to be so that a mail moved
from a folder to another one was marked as deleted in the originating
folder (in dovecot 1.2.15). In the new setup, the mail just disappears
from the originating folder (with dovecot 2.2.13). The mail arrives
properly in the target folder, so that's fine. But I actually liked the
old behavior.

I observe this with Evolution as well as Icedove (Thunderbird) mail
clients, which is why I assume that it's actually a change in the IMAP
server behavior.

Is it supposed to behave like that? Is there a way to configure this? 


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