sieve plugin editheader not found

Patrick Lion devnull at
Sat Apr 11 13:26:42 UTC 2015

Hi Eugene and Stephan,

doveconf -a | grep sieve

managesieve(root): Fatal: Plugin 'editheader' not found from directory
doveconf: Error: managesieve-login: dump-capability process returned 89
managesieve_client_workarounds =
managesieve_implementation_string = Dovecot Pigeonhole
managesieve_logout_format = bytes=%i/%o
managesieve_max_compile_errors = 5
managesieve_max_line_length = 65536
managesieve_sieve_capability =
  sieve = ~/.dovecot.sieve
  sieve_dir = ~/sieve
  sieve_extensions = +notify +imapflags
  sieve_global_extensions = variables
  sieve_plugins = editheader
service managesieve-login {
  executable = managesieve-login
  inet_listener sieve {
  protocol = sieve
service managesieve {
  executable = managesieve
  protocol = sieve
  unix_listener login/sieve {
  mail_plugins = quota sieve
  mail_plugins = quota sieve

sievec -d -x +editheader /etc/postfix/sieve_add_xorg.sieve
sievec(root): Fatal: Plugin 'editheader' not found from directory

( with added "require ["editheader"]" in my sieve file )

find / -type f -name editheader.txt

( these are files from tests i did with manual compiling the pigeonhole
sources, not used at all and deleted in the meantime).

Stephan, i was testing some things and the general mail delivery fails when
loading the plugin like you can see in this doveconf output. So in my first
mail it wasnt present at specific time, but it is for sure and giving me
same error over and over again with failing mail delivery.

Thanks in advance.

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