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On 24/04/15 08:26, absolutely_free at wrote:
> My question is: is better to use SQLite instead of MySQL?
> Should I prefer dbox format?
> Thank you in advance for your opinion!

     While 10k accounts is not a few accounts, i wouldn't call that a 
LOT of accounts neither. Assuming that the query cache is active on 
MySQL, probably almost all your queries are being answered directly from 
the cache and, if not that, your tables shouldnt be that big and after a 
few queries should be all in cache memory of the Linux system. Your I/O 
costs on the MySQL should be very very very low, o i really doubt that 
MySQL is being part of your problem here.

     Unless, of course, that you have other heavy databases running on 
the MySQL instance your mail system is using...


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