pigeonhole: upgrade 0.4.3 -> 0.4.6 broke script storage

Petar Bogdanovic petar at smokva.net
Mon Jan 12 12:05:38 UTC 2015


I ran into some troubles while upgrading pigeonhole:

  crane dovecot: lda(petar): Error: sieve: Failed to access user storage (temporary failure)
  crane dovecot: lda(petar): Error: sieve: file storage: Could not find storage root directory; path was left unconfigured and autodetection failed

After reading through the changelog, I noticed that there have been some
changes in the script storage location syntax but that old prefix-less
paths should still work fine.

My lda-configuration is very simple:

  # lda
  protocol lda {
  	mail_plugins = sieve
  	postmaster_address = <snip>
  plugin {
  	sieve = /data/dovecot/user/%u.sieve
  	sieve_extensions = +editheader
  	sieve_max_redirects = 50

And even if I change $sieve to:

  sieve = file:/data/dovecot/user/%u.sieve

the error messages disappear but based on the sudden unfiltered wave of
mails in my INBOX that I usually store somewhere else, I guess the path
still doesn't work.

Any ideas?


		Petar Bogdanovic
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