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Fri Jan 23 15:18:35 UTC 2015

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On Fri, 23 Jan 2015, John Hendrich wrote:

> I'm using Postfix and Dovecot 2.0.19 and Virtual domains & users
> (mysql).  Incoming mail is handled by Postfix and then handed off to
> Dovecot LMTP for delivery.  However, the Sender and Date are essentially
> null when viewing the email with either the POP3 or IMAP client.  The
> logs (below) show this.  I changed the sender and recipient addresses
> for privacy.
> Jan 23 08:41:48 klsrv postfix/smtpd[10836]: 1F907F00276:
> client=unknown[]
> Jan 23 08:42:07 klsrv postfix/cleanup[10842]: 1F907F00276: message-id=<>
> Jan 23 08:42:07 klsrv postfix/qmgr[4889]: 1F907F00276:
> from=<sender at>, size=217, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
> Jan 23 08:42:07 klsrv dovecot: lmtp(10845): Connect from local
> Jan 23 08:42:07 klsrv dovecot: lmtp(10845, recipient at
> wvU2Gq9PwlRdKgAAjuDoqw: subject=test to client: from=:
> msgid=unspecified: status=saved mail to INBOX:
> Jan 23 08:42:07 klsrv postfix/lmtp[10844]: 1F907F00276:
> to=<recipient at>,
>[private/dovecot-lmtp], delay=28,
> delays=28/0.01/0.01/0.01, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0
> <recipient at> wvU2Gq9PwlRdKgAAjuDoqw Saved)
> Jan 23 08:42:07 klsrv dovecot: lmtp(10845): Disconnect from local:
> Client quit (in reset)
> Jan 23 08:42:07 klsrv postfix/qmgr[4889]: 1F907F00276: removed
> You can see that Postfix accepts the incoming mail (from
> sender at and then the message is handed to Dovecot LMTP.  But
> the from=: should be "from=sender at".
> Postfix / qmgr has the sender listed (from=<sender at>) but no
> sender (from=) is seen in LMTP log output.  My LMTP is setup to use UNIX
> sockets, not the INET socket.
> Any help is appreciated.

1) Where is your Postfix conf, one can comment on?

2) The message-id is empty or absent, did you _verified_, that the message 
contains "From" and "Date" headers at all? I guess it does not contain 
them either.
So, no client can display missing information.
Postfix's "from" is the envelope from, that is storred in the Return-Path 
header in the message the client retrieves.

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