sieve filter not working

Christian Kivalo ml+dovecot at
Sat Jan 24 20:49:56 UTC 2015

On 2015-01-24 17:13, Michael Williamson wrote:
> OK, thanks.
> Now I ask, am I better off enabling dovecot lda with the sieve spam
> filter, or using postfix for filter?
I'd definitly go for dovecot lda, that way you can use sieve to filter 
your mails.

I am using lmtp from postfix to dovecot following the directions in:

The howto's linked to from the dovecot wiki contain much valuable 
information and helped me allot in configuring dovecot/postfix.

It depends on your distribution if postfix is chrooted or not and what 
path to the dovecot lmtp socket needs to be configured. In the wiki the 
postfix 'mailbox_transport' configuration is for a chrooted postfix 
instance as for example seen on Debian.

> -Mike

- christian

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