enable/disable shared namespace in passdb

abi at oleane.net abi at oleane.net
Thu Apr 7 09:40:18 UTC 2016

Le 06/04/2016 21:41, Timo Sirainen a écrit :
> On 04 Apr 2016, at 13:28, abi at oleane.net wrote:
>> namespace shared {
>>     type = shared
>>     list = yes    # children
>>     disabled = yes
>>     separator = /
>>     prefix = shared/%%u/
>>     location = imapc:~/dovemail/shared/%%u/
>> }
> Don't you get a warning with this?
> Warning: Obsolete setting in dovecot.conf:1: namespace shared {} has been replaced by namespace { type=shared }
> This is because of the v1.x dovecot.conf auto-conversion code. Try giving it a different name than "shared" and see if it works.

yes i get this exact warning
i tried with and without

given the fact that other namespaces parameters can be changed 
dynamically through passdb by returning 
"namespace"/NAMESPACE_NAME/PARAMETER=VALUE, i was hoping to do the same 
with shared namespaces which is why i added a name

i'm wondering : is using shared namespaces with non generic acls and 
imapc currently supported in dovecot ?

i'm running into 2 problems :

--> the acl files are looked up in the filesystem in 
~loggedin_user/.../shared/sharing_user/ rather than in ~sharing_user so 
the filesystem paths are not translated. i can circumvent with symlinks 
but i assume the ACLs should be looked up using imap or an extra 
location attribute could be added to the namespace so the acls are read 
in the proper location.

--> the sharers might themselves have other people sharing with them so 
the imapc connections loop. i need a way to selectively disable the 
shared namespace. ( based on a specific port, the source address, 
something passed by imapc:, the fact that there is a master login... 
whatever works )

i'm ready to beta-test if that can help in any way

thanks for your great work

best regards


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