Is there a way to override Sieve's "not sending notification for auto-submitted message" behavior?

deoren dovecot-mailing-list at
Thu May 5 05:00:30 UTC 2016


1) Setup a Google Calendar entry for a biweekly task
2) Configure the email notification schedule
3) When the email notification from Google arrives have Sieve send a
notification to an alias I have setup for my cell provider's email to
text messaging gateway
4) Receive text message

I know there are other products which likely handle this better, but I'm
specifically attempting to replicate old behavior by getting text
message reminders when a specific Google Calendar event occurs.

The problem I'm having is that Sieve is attempting to help by NOT
sending a notification for emails that it finds are automatically
generated. I didn't found a lot of information when I searched for
additional details, but I didn't find an earlier message thread on this
list that led me to believe that the default behavior is likely chosen
as some sort of safety net to prevent common issues from occurring.

What I would like to do is override this behavior at some level (per
rule, per user, system-wide, whatever) to allow for Sieve notifications
when emails matching a specific pattern are detected regardless of
whether they are auto-generated or not.

I already found mention in the documentation[1] that the editheader
extension refuses to remove the Auto-Submitted header, so setting up a
per user or global rule to do just that wouldn't help. I also haven't
come upon a way to simply modify the value for the Auto-Submitted
header, so that doesn't look to work in this situation either.

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance for your


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