Workaround for rcpt suffix

Robban dovecot at
Mon May 9 15:50:51 UTC 2016

Hi all!

I'm stuck again, let me start with explaining my setup.
The PassDB and UserDB is LDAP (FreeIPA) and I'm using ldap mail 
attribute to search after the recipient so one user can have multiple 
mail aliases. So far so good.
Next is to have an catchall at domain.tld, that is done via an static 
userdb backend (I know you are strongly against catchall adresses), and 
they are delivered to public folders (${mail_location}/domain.tld).

I also use address extension so sort a mail to correct folder (+ sign).
Now I need to fix so mail to <mail attr>-sievetest is handled by the 
user assigned to <mail attr>, is this somehow possible?


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