name of mailbox of implicit keep (was Re: Sieve extension for testing for mailbox)

Jon Kristensen info at
Wed May 11 18:34:20 UTC 2016

Steffen Kaiser <skdovecot at> writes:

> On Tue, 10 May 2016, Jon Kristensen wrote:
>> Which Pigeonhole Sieve extension should I use to process/test a 
>> message 
>> depending on whether the message is in a particular mailbox? 
>> (Is it the 
>> mboxmetadata extension by any chance? If so, I would appreciate 
>> if 
>> someone could tell me what the reason is for it not being 
>> enabled by 
>> default.)
>> The reason I want to perform this test is that I have 
>> configured my MTA 
>> to deliver "outgoing" e-mails to my "Sent" IMAP folder, and 
>> these 
>> messages arrive unread. I would like to mark them as read using 
>> Sieve.
> er, I guess, "message is in a particular mailbox" is meaning it 
> to be 
> spooled, or something like that, right?
> Do you use subaddressing (aka +addressing, +detail addressing)? 
> Then look 
> here: 
> If you want to resolve the question in the second paragraphe, 
> search the 
> mailing list archive about how to get the name of the mailbox, 
> the 
> implicit keep stores the message in. I'm pretty sure, that there 
> was such 
> question lately.
> If you actually want to resolve the question in the first 
> paragraphe, to 
> check whether or not the same message has been spooled in a 
> folder already 
> (aka duplicate check), check out the duplicate extension with 
> ":handle" 
> argument. But you probably need to know the target mailbox, too.

I apologize for not expressing my problem in clear enough terms.

My e-mail server will put sent e-mail to the ~/.Maildir/.Sent 
(which is also a Maildir directory); naturally, the e-mail is 
first written into ~/.Maildir/.Sent/tmp, and then it's moved to 

After this has happened, I would like Dovecot to run a Sieve 
program that will discover that the e-mail is in the "Sent" 
folder, and mark it as seen.

To explain what I'm imagining with code:

if folder :is "Sent" {
    setflag "\\Seen";

So I don't use subaddressing. I always know the target mailbox, 
but it's always "Sent" (this is configured in the MTA).

I guess knowing the name of the mailbox that implicit keep stores 
the message in would solve my problem.

I'm assuming you are referring to this:

And in particular this:

         The default mailbox that is used by the (implicit) keep 
         Normally, this will always yield "INBOX", unless this is
         changed in the configuration.

It says that this normally will yield "INBOX". Do you, given my 
explanation above, think that it would yield "Sent" in my case? If 
not, how would I be able to use this?

Thanks a million!

Jon Kristensen (jonkri)
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